Argo Online School


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You want to promote and improve the access and use of Argo data? Use the "Argo online school" (AOS), an online educational tool that will make it easier for users to understand the Argo data, its acquisition, the quality controls and the  processing carried out to offer good quality data.

Given the amount of data gathered by the Argo network of floats, the associated documentation has grown considerably and therefore the goal of the Argo Online school (AOS) is to focus only on the basics you can teach.

The AOS is a set of videos, animations and hands-on jupyter notebooks designed to be accessible for high school or graduate students in any discipline, with no prerequisites.

In this way, and thanks to the research framework developed in the Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure Sustainability and Enhancement (Euro-Argo RISE) project, Euro-Argo aims to boost the use of data from the Argo network and make its global applications visible to the general public.