Euro-Argo ERIC strategic plan for the decade 2024-2033

The Euro-Argo ERIC supports the collective effort to design and implement the European share of the global Argo programme of automated in situ observation of the oceans. Both its original vector and the network deployed constitute prominent assets to provide a 4D synoptic observation of essential variables of the oceans, i.e., in depth, all over the globe and in a continuous manner. In a fast-changing context of serious concerns about the health of the oceans together with an acknowledgement of their role in the climate change and the carbon offsetting, and of striking progress in science and technology to monitor and forecast their natural and man-induced evolution, it is sound for Euro-Argo ERIC to rely on a ten-year Strategy and to share it openly. This statement should highlight the benefits it brings to society and allow all stakeholders to provide recommendations for steady further enhancement.