Euro-Argo main achievements

In the frame of the WP7 OCEAN CLIMATE INDICATORS DEMONSTRATOR, the project allowed Euro-Argo ERIC to deploy 5 BGC and 5 Deep Argo floats. They can be monitored on the following dashboard:

In 2020, for Euro-Argo the priority was placed on the BGC and Deep missions and their connection with other observing networks. The funding for the OceanOPS BGC Argo project office position was secured for an initial two-year term and the BGC Argo website was improved with respect to statistical tools for publications. In addition, discussions with Argo international also started to organise a Deep and a BGC workshop in 2021. In the WP3 framework, the EuroSea partners also contributed to the global ocean oxygen atlas international initiative. Moreover, some actions were carried out in concert with the H2020 Euro Argo RISE project:

  • improvements of the real-time and delayed-mode processing procedures of the BGC Argo and the Deep Argo data were discussed and presented at the ADMT meeting early December;
  • development of Argo Best practices using the Euro-Argo ERIC github is underway. In the frame of the EuroSea WP7 activities and the North Atlantic demonstrator, five Deep floats were successfully tested in autumn 2020. They are ready to be deployed in 2021.

The two tasks related to WP7 were presented during the EuroSea General Assembly, early 2021:

  • Task 7.1: to evaluate the economic value of the ocean carbon sink in deep convection regions;
  • Task 7.3: to develop indicators for air-sea carbon flux and ocean acidification based on an improved Atlantic observing system. Moreover, stakeholder engagement activities were enhanced through a series of workshops organised within WP8 that aimed at better understanding stakeholder interests. Main stakeholders were identified, relations with them were assessed and weaknesses identified. The process is still going on to define priorities in term of action to be taken throughout the project lifetime. The final aim is to develop a joint Euro-Sea stakeholder strategy an implement it during the project.