In the continuation of the AtlantOS project achievements, the EuroSea international consortium aims at advancing research and innovation towards a user-focused, truly interdisciplinary, and responsive European ocean observing and forecasting system for a sustainable use of the ocean.



Co-designing European Ocean observing and forecasting services and products that deliver information and support decision-making in the areas of climate, coastal and maritime activities, and ocean health.


  1. Strengthening European Ocean observing and forecasting as an integrated entity within a global context;
  2. Improving the design for an integrated European ocean observing and forecasting system for the European seas and the Atlantic, including the deep sea;
  3. Improving and enhancing the readiness and integration of ocean observing networks;
  4. Enabling FAIR data, supporting integration of ocean data into Copernicus Marine Service, EMODnet  and SeaDataNet  portfolios;
  5. Delivering improved forecasts and new synthesis products by better use of data in models;
  6. Developing novel services, demonstrating the value of the ocean observing system to users;
  7. Supporting integrated, sustainable and fit-for-purpose ocean observing system by engaging with a range of end-users and other stakeholders.


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