Generating already high-quality datasets in the existing configuration, the BGC-Argo program must now investigate the potential to incorporate hyperspectral technology. Discover this review of studies dealing with these radiometric observations and presents the current state-of-the-art in Argo radiometry:

"Radiometry on Argo Floats: From the Multispectral State-of-the-Art on the Step to Hyperspectral Technology"

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Front. Mar. Sci., 22 July 2021 |

It focuses on the successful portability of radiometers onboard Argo float platforms and covers applications of the obtained data for bio-optical modeling and ocean color remote sensing.
The possibility to acquire hyperspectral information and the subsequent development of new algorithms that exploit these data will open new opportunities for bio-optical long-term studies of global ocean processes, but also present new challenges to handle and process increased amounts of data.