The Euro-Argo ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) is governed by the following bodies:

- The Council is the body having ultimate decision-making authority. It is composed of one delegate per Member acting collectively. Observers may attend Council meetings and may be represented by one delegate per member state. The Council elects its Chair among its members for a duration of three years. A co-Chair shall be elected by qualified majority of the Council to carry out the duties of the Chair in case of her/his absence. The Council meets twice a year.

Jean-Marie Flaud

Chair - MESR - France

Elena Mauri

Vice-Chair    OGS - Italy

Jon Turton

Met Office - U.K.

Aristomenis Karageorgis

HCMR - Greece

Sibren Drijfhout

KNMI - Netherlands

Mikko Strahlendorff

FMI - Finland

Kerstin Jochumsen

BSH - Germany

 Marta Stawicka

Ministry of Education and Science - Poland

Odd-Ivar Eriksen

Research Council of Norway

Joaquin Tintore

SOCIB - Spain

Glenn Nolan

Marine Institute - Ireland

Atanas Palazov

Institute of Oceanology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Karen Edelvang



Pierre-Yves Le Traon

Special Advisor to the French representative

- The Management Board  supervises the operation of the infrastructure and ensures that it operates and evolves in accordance with the strategic direction set by the Council, and the requirements set forth by the research and operational communities. The Management Board is composed of delegates designated by the Members and Observers. The Programme Manager and the Euro-Argo ERIC team take part in a consultative capacity in the Management Board meetings. The Management Board meets three times per year.

Birgit Klein

Chair - BSH - Germany

Alan Berry

Marine Institute - Ireland

Virginie Thierry

IFREMER - France

Dimitris Kassis

HCMR - Greece

Andreas Sterl

KNMI - Netherlands

Fiona Carse


Vice-Chair - Laura Tuomi

FMI - Finland

Waldemar Walczowski

IOPAN - Poland

Kjell Arne Mork

IMR - Norway

Giulio Notarstefano

OGS - Italy

Pedro Velez

IEO - Spain

Violeta Slabakova

IO - BAS / Bulgaria

Colin Stedmon

DTU Aqua - Denmark

- The Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG), consisting of independent experts, is established to advise the Council on any scientific or technical matters (including data management and instrumentation) relevant to the operation, development, and evolution of the Euro-Argo ERIC, and access to its data by research and operational users.  The STAG is also responsible of the scientific evaluation of the annual activities and participate to the User Workshop organised every 2 years.

The STAG formulates recommendations to the Council on scientific and technical aspects and direction of the Euro-Argo ERIC, taking into account the European and international context. The Council may request the STAG to consider, and make recommendations on issues that it needs to resolve.

Henry Bittig

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde - Germany

Susan Wijffels

WHOI USA - Argo International

Johnny Johannessen

NERSC Norway - Copernicus Marine Service

Inga Lips

EuroGOOS Secretary General - EOOS

Philip Browne

ECMWF UK - weather forecasting and
Coupled Data Assimilation

Hervé Claustre

LOV France - BGC Argo

- The Director General is appointed by the Council, as the executive officer and legal representative of the Euro-Argo ERIC.