European Fleet Monitoring

A webpage has been set up that allows to display main information (metadata, CTD profiles, float trajectory on a map) on every Argo float identified by its WMO number. For some float types and versions, specific graphs are available to check float technical parameters such as battery voltage, data transmission, hydraulic behaviour, etc. This work has started in the MOCCA project and will be enlarged to cover most of the European fleet. One can also monitor a batch of floats (identified by a group code) and access to a dashboard with important last cycle information. Several alerts and warnings regarding technical parameters have been implemented, again first in the context of the MOCCA project.

This work is currently ongoing and will be enhanced with the expertise of Euro-Argo national float experts and feedback from users.

The tool is accessible from the following link:

A description of the website main functionalities is available in MOCCA deliverable application/pdf D3.3.2 Description of the at sea monitoring procedure.

The monitoring of a group of floats is currently performed through the use of a "Group Code" which gather a bunch of floats. The website allows the display of their positions on a map corner and summarises their latest cycle information in a dashboard table.

Below are examples of Group Codes that can be used to monitor a specific fleet of Argo floats. The Group Code is mentioned in parentheses.

European Projects

MOCCA floats (632)

AtlantOS floats (650)

National Programmes

Polish floats (648)

Greek floats (577)

Spanish floats (133)

Italian floats (579)

Irish floats (147)

Norwegian floats (295)

Finnish floats (578)

Dutch floats (649)

Coriolis 2017 floats (634)

Bulgarian floats (588)

Regional Areas

Baltic floats (637)

Caribbean Arvor floats (647)

Float Types

Deep Arvor floats (641)

Bio Provor CTS4/CTS5 floats (638)

Important Note: the tool is still in a beta version. Further developments are expected for 2018-2019. If you encounter problems or need assistance please contact the Euro-Argo ERIC Office or click on the "bug" button (bottom left corner) to report your feedback. Thanks!

MOCCA At sea monitoring