6th ENVRI week

Published on yesterday

Zandvoort (Netherlands), 14-18 May

Bulgaria joins the Euro-Argo ERIC as a new member

Published on 10 april

We are pleased to welcome Bulgaria in the Euro-Argo ERIC

MOCCA floats in the Drake Passage

Published on 1 march

3 MOCCA floats were deployed along SR1b GO-SHIP section

Outcomes of the 1st European Argo DMQC workshop

Published on 11 june

Brest, 17-18 April

A float in the western Black Sea

Published on 10 april

A Argo float with physical and biogeochemical sensors successfuly deployed

MOCCA deployments in Antarctica

Published on 12 january

3 MOCCA floats deployed around 60°S from the sailing ship Katharsis II