MOCCA floats in the Transkei shelf ecosystem of South Africa

Published on 5 september

by Dr Tarron Lamont, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Italian deployments from luxury yacht

Published on 31 august

A MOCCA float recovered off Norway

Published on 26 june

Euro-Argo at EGU General Assembly 2017

Published on 3 may

The EGU General Assembly 2017 was held in Vienna, Austria, 23-28 April 2017.

6th Users Meeting 4-5 July 2017, Paris

Published on 9 february

Save the Date!

Registration & call for papers opened.

Mediterranean outflow sampled by a MOCCA float

Published on 9 january

Late December, a Portuguese team from IPMA deployed a MOCCA float off Lisbon.

2016 Price “Les Etoiles de l’Europe”

Published on 15 december 2016

P.Y. Le Traon received the 2016 Price “Les Etoiles de l’Europe”.

Deep-Arvor in the western Cretan Passage

Published on 12 september 2016

Argo exhibit at SeaFest

Published on 13 july 2016

The Marine Institute played a major part in 2016 year ‘SeaFest,’ Ireland's national maritime festival which seen over 60,000 visitors pass through over the course of the weekend

Acceptance tests for 80 floats

Published on 6 june 2016

2 weeks of intensive acceptance tests have been performed in the Ifremer tank by the Euro-Argo technical team. 

PY Le Traon, S. Pouliquen and D. Ó Conchubhair

Welcome to Ireland

Published on 2 may 2016

Ireland new member in Euro-Argo ERIC

G. Obolensky, F. Loubrieu, S. Pouliquen

Freshly hired Project Scientist at Euro-Argo!

Published on 4 november 2015

Grigor Obolensky joined the Euro-Argo ERIC Project Office on the 7th September 2015.

An argo week in Ifremer Centre Bretagne

Published on 2 april 2015

Euro-Argo ERIC created !

Published on 15 may 2014

On 12th May 2014, Euro-Argo ERIC was officially awarded the Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

Deep Arvor

Published on 4 december 2012

Deep Arvor, a new profiler, is sampling down to 3,500 meters.

AtlantOS BGC floats tests

Published on 4 september

4th ENVRI week - Grenoble 15-19 May 2017

Published on 22 may

Last (4th) ENVRI week was held in Grenoble, France from 15-19 May 2017.

Argo activities in the Black Sea

Published on 14 february

A summary of Argo activities in the Black Sea since first deployments in 2002.

Spain joins Euro-Argo as a new member

Published on 23 january

We are pleased to welcome Spain in the Euro-Argo ERIC

Deep Arvor Float deployment in Canary Basin

Published on 4 january

The Spanish Argo team deployed a Deep Arvor float next to La Palma island.

Claire Gourcuff

New arrival in our team ! Welcome Claire !

Published on 21 october 2016

Claire Gourcuff joined the Euro-Argo ERIC Project Office on the 3rd October 2016.

Euro-Argo ERIC at Brest 2016

Published on 5 august 2016

The Euro-Argo ERIC team participation to the scientific exhibition at Brest 2016.

Launch of first MOCCA float from FS METEOR

First MOCCA floats deployed

Published on 1 july 2016

3 floats where launched in the subtropical Atlantic from FS Meteor vessel.

Euro-Argo team strengthened with the recruitment of an Operational Engineer!

Published on 31 may 2016

Romain Cancouët joined the Euro-Argo ERIC Project Office on the 4th April 2016.

The Marine Institute deploys first Argo float as full member of the Euro-Argo ERIC

Marine Institute deploys 1st Argo float as full member of Euro-Argo ERIC

Published on 8 april 2016

The Marine Institute recently deployed Ireland’s first Argo float as a full member of the Euro-Argo ERIC.

Annual activity report 2014

Published on 25 september 2015

Euro-Argo ERIC has published its 2014 Annual Activity Report.

EuroGOOS - Euro-Argo MoU

Published on 28 may 2015

At the EuroGOOS annual meeting the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between EuroGOOS and Euro-Argo ERIC.

François Jacq,  Elisabeth Vergès, Pierre-Yves Le Traon, John Bell                        © Ifremer / Thomas Isaak

Euro-Argo ERIC Inauguration

Published on 25 july 2014

The official inauguration of Euro-Argo ERIC was hosted by the French Permanent Representation in Brussels on 17th July 2014.

Jacquie McGlade float

Published on 30 may 2013

The Jacquie McGlade float was deployed in the Labrador Sea

ASW4 Venice 2012

Talks from 4th Argo Science Workshop available online

Published on 29 october 2012

Talks presented during the lecture sessions can now be downloaded from the dedicated webpage in PDF format.