A unique attribute of Argo data is its easy availability via the World Wide. This has been linked with the powerful Google Earth GIS tool to allow the general public to look at Argo data and, without having to go to sea, to learn something about how the oceans work and why they are important for the earth’s climate. This outreach is important because it is ultimately the general public as taxpayers who pay for Argo and it is they who will eventually benefit through improved weather and climate forecasts and through warnings of disasters.
Euro Argo has developed an educational outreach web that is designed for the general public that gives a comprehensive insight into how Argo came about,how the project operates and why it is important. It shows the relationship of Argo to other parts of the ocean and climate observing system and allows even a non-scientist to access Argo data and to learn how to interpret the changes in temperature and salinity.