The Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure is made up of a Central RI (C-RI) and distributed national facilities. The statutes of Euro-Argo European Research Infrastructure Consortium (Euro-Argo ERIC) apply to the Central Infrastructure.

The Central RI is responsible for the overall coordination of EA-RI. It also participates in the procurement and deployment of floats; it has expertise in all aspects of the programme; it acts as a resource centre for all participants and users. It hosts the RI Office, and is headed by the Programme Manager assisted by a Programme assistant. The Central RI plays the role of coordination and takes part in all aspects of the RI activities. It is the seat of the EA-RI.
As an active participant in the operational programme itself, in particular for deployment of floats (e.g. funded by the European Commission or by Members and Observers who may request such assistance), the Central RI, will engage in the following activities:

  • receive and manage funds from members, observers and from the European Commission (e.g. GMES)
  • order floats, receive them, test as necessary
  • organize their deployment; ship to the appropriate lab or port of call for deployment
  • monitor their performance to detect any dysfunction
  • contribute to technological developments, field trials, and implementation
  • engage in data management activities in relation with the appropriate Argo Data Centre
  • Conduct R&D activities at European level
  • host scientists engaged in Argo related research

The distributed RI is the network of participating Agencies, operating with direct national resources. As part of the EA-RI, they agree to a multi-annual commitment of resources (in particular in terms of floats to be deployed and for the data system), and to coordinate their activities through the C-RI. All resources engaged by the National Agencies in support of Argo objectives will be considered as contributions to the Euro-Argo ERIC.
The participating Agencies may be called upon to perform some activities under contract from the Euro-Argo ERIC, in particular some tasks necessary for the deployment and data management of EC funded floats.