Partnership between Euro-Argo and Orange Marine

Published on 25 july

Deployment opportunities from cable ships of the Orange Marine fleet

Outcomes of the 1st European Argo DMQC workshop

Published on 11 june

Brest, 17-18 April

MOCCA floats in the Drake Passage

Published on 1 march

3 MOCCA floats were deployed along SR1b GO-SHIP section

A MOCCA float recovered off Norway

Published on 26 june 2017

6th Users Meeting 4-5 July 2017, Paris

Published on 9 february 2017
Launch of first MOCCA float from FS METEOR

First MOCCA floats deployed

Published on 1 july 2016

3 floats where launched in the subtropical Atlantic from FS Meteor vessel.

POLAR 2018: "Where the poles come together"

Published on 10 july

Davos - Switzerland
15-26 June 2018

MOCCA deployments in Antarctica

Published on 12 january

3 MOCCA floats deployed around 60°S from the sailing ship Katharsis II

MOCCA floats in the Transkei shelf ecosystem of South Africa

Published on 5 september 2017

by Dr Tarron Lamont, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Argo activities in the Black Sea

Published on 14 february 2017

A summary of Argo activities in the Black Sea since first deployments in 2002.

Mediterranean outflow sampled by a MOCCA float

Published on 9 january 2017

Late December, a Portuguese team from IPMA deployed a MOCCA float off Lisbon.

Acceptance tests for 80 floats - May 2016

Published on 6 june 2016

2 weeks of intensive acceptance tests have been performed in the Ifremer tank by the Euro-Argo technical team.