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Argo activities in the Black Sea

Published on 14 february

A summary of Argo activities in the Black Sea since first deployments in 2002.

6th Users Meeting 4-5 July 2017, Paris

Published on 9 february

Save the Date!

Registration & call for papers opened.

Launch of first MOCCA float from FS METEOR

First MOCCA floats deployed

Published on 1 july 2016

3 floats where launched in the subtropical Atlantic from FS Meteor vessel.

Acceptance tests for 80 floats - May 2016

As part of the MOCCA (Monitoring the Oceans and Climate Change with Argo) project activities, preparing and testing the floats before their shipment to deployment ships is a core action of the Euro-Argo Central Infrastructure.

Mediterranean outflow sampled by a MOCCA float

Published on 9 january

Late December, a Portuguese team from IPMA deployed a MOCCA float off Lisbon.