Theme 2 : Data for Science

This theme is mainly led by researchers in computer science and aims at improving RIs data to interoperability and facilitate cross-domains activities. The Euro-Argo ERIC, with the Ifremer Coriolis team, together with other marine RIs (FIX03, EMSO, Glider (EGO), SeaDataNet, Jerico-Next) is involved in 3 use cases that aim at developing concept based on the standards and conceptual models that are the basis of the IT architecture:

TEST CASE #2: Data subscription use-case

The objective of TC_2 is to provide a data subscription service to scientific users. Euro-Argo, EMSO and ICOS Research Infrastructures will push a series of data and metadata on a so-called ENVRIPLUS cloud. A data subscription service will be developed for scientific users. It will allow scientific users to provide selection criteria and will periodically receive on their personal cloud account selected data extracted from Research Infrastructures cloud.

Data provided for the cloud service are :

  • all Argo observations, daily updated
  • Copernicus in situ observations
  • A selection of EMSO observatories data 
  • ICOS-SOCAT carbon data observed from voluntary observation ships.
TEST CASE  #4: Sensor registry

The "sensor registry" aims at supporting the management of « intelligent » sensors deployed for in-situ measurements. Three sub-use cases are considered:

  • List and discover specifications of sensors and hardware on the market
  • Manage the park of sensors by owner, manage maintenance (e.g. calibrations), loan, …
  • Edit deployments, enable traceability from observation data back to the sensor and procedures used for acquisition

The use case is applicable to the management of various types of platforms, deep-sea observatories (e.g. EMSO), marine gliders, Argo floats as well as solid earth (EPOS) or atmosphere (ICOS) observations. This can also be used to track usage of specific sensor models (e.g. CO2) across the RI 's observation networks.

IMPLEMENTATION CASE #8 : Catalogue (discovery), curation (quality), provenance (traceability) 

The implementation case aims at fulfilling requirements for curation, cataloguing and provenance. The targeted usages are :

- Support operations in RI (e.g. network of observation system maintenance with sensor registry)

- Support downstream users (e.g. discover available datasets and citation)

- Support long term sustainability of the information (e.g. preserve datasets or software). 

It involves partners from the atmosphere (IAGOS), the biosphere (ANAEE), the geosphere (EPOS) and the hydrosphere (SeaDataNet, Euro-ARGO). 

The complete description of Use cases can be found at