A Euro Argo web site dedicated to outreach and education was developed during Euro-Argo preparatory phase (2008-2011), that proposes material concerning Argo accessible to non-specialists. It includes for instance among other applications the possibility of viewing Argo floats positions or trajectories in Google Earth. Plots of temperature and salinity measured by individual floats are provided with associated questions and answer to help interpreting the data.

Note that we will work in the coming months to update this tool with more recent data.

Connected Oceans is a worldwide collaborative scientific platform powered by the actors of operational physical oceanography. This platform has 3 main aims :

  • to serve as a showcase for physical oceanography,
  • to be an interactive workshop for its actors and partners
  • to offer tools for education and dissemination of knowledge

Note that this platform was published recently, and that its content is planned to evolve continuously.

The First Ocean Observers educational workshop was co-organized by JCOMMOPS and the Euro-Argo ERIC in June 2017. The workshop focused on in situ ocean observations and attempted for the first time to bring together different actors involved in marine science outreach activities to:

  • do a review of the existing initiatives;
  • favor discussions and collaboration between people engaged in marine science outreach programmes;
  • give educators marine science information they could apply to their unique environments to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean for human life among school children and local communities;
  • engage “new” schools, educators and private associations in ocean observing outreach activities;
  • give scientists (researchers and PhD students tools and suggestions to share and make their results understandable by large public;
  • federate a community around a coordinated project.