Arctic and Baltic users workshop






IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Mid-August, the organising committee has decided to POSTPONE the workshop. The possible date is SPRING 2021. Please stay tuned for more information.

Dates: From 23 (Wednesday morning) to 25 (Friday afternoon) September 2020. Postponed to spring 2021.

Location: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences (IO PAN), Sopot, Poland. 

Conveners: Waldemar Walczowski (IO PAN), Laura Tuomi (FMI), Birgit Klein (BSH) and Kjell-Arne Mork (IMR)


For any other questions related with Arctic and Baltic user workshops in Sopot, please email Waldemar Walczowski ( and Malgorzata Merchel (


The agenda of the workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Baltic Argo activities
  • Arctic Argo activites
  • International collaboration in both regions
  • Operating Argo floats in shallow waters
  • Operating Argo floats in seasonally ice-covered sea
  • Recovering Argo floats
  • Sensors for core missions
  • Biogeochemical sensors
  • Quality Control
  • Where to find the data and how to use it
  • Legal aspects of using Argo floats in exclusive economic zones

Preliminary agenda 

The final Agenda will be released in August. Plenty of time will be reserved for discussions.

application/pdf Preliminary agenda


Please use the link below to register. Deadline for registration: 15 August 2020.

Register here.

Visa information

To request an official visa invitation letter to the meeting and any other questions related with visa applications, please email Waldemar Walczowski ( and Malgorzata Merchel (

Deadline for visa enquiries: 1 August 2020

Travel and practical information

Meeting location


Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAN)

Powstancow Warszawy 55

81-712 Sopot, Poland




Suggested hotel - Special rates

Hotel Haffner***** (3 min walking distance, very comfortable, swimming pool)  

J. J. Haffnera 59, 81-715 Sopot, phone +48 58 55 09 999, fax.: +48 58 55 09 800

Reservation only per email:

Please provide your name and the keyword ‘IOPAN’ in your message.  


Other good nearby hotels

Hotel Best Western Villa Aqua*** (7-10 min walking distance from IOPAN, close to the beach and Aquapark, excellent breakfast)
Zamkowa Góra St 35, 81-713 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 522 44 00 Fax: +48 58 522 44 05, email:

Hotel Sopot**** (5-7 min walking distance from IOPAN, newly built in 2016)
J.J. Haffnera St 88, 81-715 Sopot
Phone +48 58 882 80 00, email:

Sofitel Grand Sopot***** (5 min walking distance from IOPAN, magnificent historical hotel with the private beach, next to the Sopot wooden pier)

Powstancow Warszawy St 12/14, 81-718 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 520 6000, email:


As Sopot is a popular tourist destination, many hotels with different price categories are located in the Sopot center within about 10 min walking distance from IOPAN.

Travel information

Getting from the airport to the hotel

Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia belong to one metropolitan area called Tricity.

The Lech Walesa airport serving Tricity is located in Gdansk, see the airport description at

There are three options to get from the Gdansk airport to Sopot:

  • TAXI - recommended as the easiest and fastest way. The official airport taxi company is Neptun Taxi (196 86), you can find them at the front of the terminal. One-way trip between the airport and Sopot takes about 20-30 min (dependent on traffic) and costs around 100 PLN (Polish zloty), which is about 25 Euro.
  • CITY BUS line no 122, stop at the front of the terminal, bus goes approx. every hour (see the schedule below), takes time (more than one hour) since there are 26 stops on the way to Sopot. You should get off at the stop ‘Sopot Korty tenisowe’ (see the list of stops). Signal that you would like to get off well in advance of your stop by pushing the button.

Bus 122 schedule

Bus 122 - List of stops
  • Urban Train PKM (Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway) from the airport to Gdansk Wrzeszcz (the last station) and then change to SKM (Rapid Urban Railway) to the Sopot main station. Then it is about 20 min. walk from the Sopot railway station to IOPAN and hotels (check the route on Google maps).