European Argo community involved in the new Standard Operating Procedure for gliders

A new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the use of oxygen sensors on gliders has been released in August this year, as part of an international collaborative work involving Euro-Argo data experts.

The SOP titled "OceanGliders Oxygen SOP v1.0.0: A good example of open collaborative scientific work" was endorsed by the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) and its glider component, OceanGliders. This nice example of collaboration was performed within the framework of the EuroSea H2020 EU project, with the involvement of international glider experts, sensor developers, and data managers, including European Argo experts in oxygen data. The work was facilitated by the organisation of several workshops and the use of the collaborative open platform GitHub to finalize the document. Euro-Argo experts were more particularly involved in the writing of the data processing and Quality Control chapters.


This work illustrates the usefulness of multi-network collaboration in the ocean observing community and its benefits for the wider global ocean science community.

 The SOP was supported by H2020 EuroSea and H2020 GROOM II projects and the EuroGOOS Glider Task Team.

 More info on the NOC website.