Euro-Argo main achievements

At the beginning of the year 2020, a new governance model of the ERIC Forum was defined and set up. Dr Womersley and Dr Ussi have been elected as Chair and Vice-Chair during the ERIC Forum Annual Meeting. This new governance has helped improving the interactions between the ERICS involved in the ERIC-FORUM and the European commission in a coordinated manner.

In 2020, the ERIC Forum was instrumental in increasing visibility for the services that each ERIC can provide to researchers involved in the fight against COVID-19 or how they were impacted by COVID-19 though their link with the ENVRI cluster.

In parallel, the ERIC Forum remained the main contact point for several European stakeholders during the negotiation of the EU multiannual financial framework (MFF) and its impact on the development and maturity of research infrastructures, in particular concerning the final outlook of Horizon Europe. 2020 was also marked by contributions to the new ERIC guidelines through best practices and targeted analysis. The deliverables put in place will help the ERIC Euro-Argo to better integrate Euro-Argo in the European context.

In December 2020, the Euro-Argo ERIC joined the workshop on “Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Monitoring of Research Infrastructures”. This workshop aimed at highlighting the recent developments in the field of impact assessment, scientific evaluation and monitoring of research infrastructures and is co-organized by three European Commission co/funded projects, ERIC Forum but also ACCELERATE and RI-PATHS.

In January 2021, Dr Womersley and Dr Ussi have been reelected as Chair and Vice-Chair during the ERIC Forum Annual Meeting.

Euro-Argo ERIC participated to the ERIC-FORUM joined contribution to some consultation’s issues by the European Commission:

  • in August 2020, to the online public consultation on the roadmap towards “the communication on the future of Research & Innovation and the European Research Area (ERA)”;
  • in June 2020, “The ERIC community and Horizon Europe Mission Areas” has been published, with a table showing which ERIC/prep-ERIC contributes to which “Horizon Europe Mission Area”;
  • a policy brief overview “Funding models for access to ERIC multinational / transnational services: Key recommendations” has also been released.