Marine Domain Organisation

The Marine domain implementation work-package (WP9) is co-coordinated by the Euro-Argo ERIC and EMSO-ERIC.

The data system of the RI are in most cases already in place, and in many cases imbedded in international programme data systems. The ENVRI-FAIR improvements will essentially focus on the interfaces and services (in yellow on the figure), unless it’s essential to enhance the core of the RI data systems and in that case it will have to be done in agreement with the relevant international data structure.

The workflow between the different tasks within WP9 was also agreed and is schematized on the figure below.

It can be seen as a matrix organisation with the enhancement of the different RIs on the vertical axis, and the recommendations regarding the EOVs priorities (Task 9.2), demonstration task (Task 9.8) and recommendations for the future (task 9.9) on the horizontal axis.