Workpackage 3 - Autonomous Platforms

The Autonomous Platform Workpackage is organized round 7 networks :

  • Task 3.1 Argo evolution
  • Task 3.2 OceanSITES biogeochemistry
  • Task 3.3 OceanSITES transport
  • Task 3.4 Glider
  • Task 3.5 PIRATA
  • Task 3.6 Surface drifter
  • Task 3.7 European Animal Telemetry Network (EATN)

WP3 is organised around three main objectives :

  1.  Network enhancement based on existing observation capacity  to development & improvement of technological gaps, improve temporal/spatial resolution of data acquisition, extend the diversity of measured variables (EOVs)
  2. Data stream improvement in close link with the AtlantOS Data Management WP7 : to better standardize data stream /network, enhance dataset interoperability, data sharing protocols, develop/improve real-time data quality control procedures(operational driven) as well as delayed-mode data quality procedures (Science- driven.)
  3. Network sustainability in  partnership with international non EU countries (Brasil, Canada, USA, S.Africa), and other other EU- programs  (Euro-Argo ERIC, FixO3, JERICO, EGO…)


The Euro-Argo ERIC leads task 3.1 and coordinates operations at sea and associated logistics to allow deployment of 7 deep-oxygen and 6 Biogeochemical (BGC) Argo floats . 

The ERIC also coordinates the network sustainability issues in coherence with the “Strategy for evolution of Argo in Europe” document issued y the Euro-Argo ERIC Management Board and validated by the Council.