List of AtlantOS Deliverables for Work Package 3 « Enhancement of Autonomous Ocean Observation Networks in the Atlantic Ocean », Task 3.1 « Argo Evolution »



Del. no

Deliverable Name

Deliverable Object

Planned Delivery Date


application/pdf D3.14

Enhancement of the core Argo mission

Deployment of Bio-Argo and O2-Deep floats and improvement of the network capabilities

Mo 45


application/pdf D3.15

Argo Dataset Production

Real-Time data-management and Delayed-Mode qualified dataset for O2, Chlorophyll a, backscattering and NO3

Mo 45


application/pdf D3.16

Sustainability of the new Argo missions report

Report on the organisation of the post-AtlantOS Bio-Argo and Deep-Argo sustainability in the context of the Euro-Argo ERIC

Mo 45