Euro-Argo APIs

The Euro-Argo fleet monitoring tool allows any user to visualise Argo profiling float metadata, ocean measurements, trajectories and technical parameters. It gives access to a fleet dashboard and also provide detailed information on a specific Argo float webpage (by WMO number).

The Euro-Argo data selection tool is specifically designed for users to select, visualise and download Argo scientific data (profiles files) in different formats.

The APIs used by these two web portals are open and publicly available to interested users at the following endpoints OpenAPI (swagger):
They allow any user to retrieve, query and browse Argo data and metadata records.

Please contact us should you require more information or assistance using these APIs. We will also be glad to hear your feedback if they are used for different projects or purposes.

We can already report some happy users of the Euro-Argo APIs:



These developments have been funded by the H2020 Euro-Argo RISE and ENVRI-FAIR projects.