Join us

If you want to join the Euro-Argo ERIC, it's not too late !

Being a member of the Euro-Argo ERIC will assure you :

  • a greater efficiency in float procurement : the smaller countries will be able to rely on Euro-Argo for specifying their floats, procuring their floats and potentially benefit from price reductions associated with larger orders.
  • a central capability provided by Euro-Argo ERIC for float testing and preparation (e.g.mission programming, installation of lithium batteries) and storage which will mean that new participants do not need to invest in technical staff, workshop or storage facilities.
  • an efficient support for data treatment and quality control, thanks to the Euro-Argo data centers (DACs, ARCs and Coriolis GDAC)
  •  to sustain and build upon the European Argo Users’ Group, in order to ensure that users’ needs are articulated and that the best scientific and technical advice continues to feed into Euro-Argo.

 To join us, contact the Euro-Argo ERIC Office and more informations will follow.

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