Research Engineer Position at the EURO-ARGO ERIC (M/F)


The recruited person will assist the MOCCA project manager in MOCCA activities that require oceanographic, scientific and instrumentation skills. Using existing tools or developing new ones, the recruited person will contribute to data analysis of both oceanographic (Argo CTD) and technical (float battery , etc.) data. She/he will support Euro-Argo in improving the Argo dataset quality and monitoring the Argo fleet in terms of performance (e.g. floats life expectancy), through the development of appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). She/he will perform these activities in interaction with the Science Officer and the Operational Engineer. Production of reports and training material is expected.


Within the Euro-Argo ERIC, the person recruited will be in charge of:
• Support data management activities and work with members (in particular Ifremer, BODC, BSH and OGS) in developing either methods, tools, training material (e.g. DMQC best practices document, webinar, etc.) or datasets in support of Euro-Argo activities,
• Perform detailed analysis and statistics of the MOCCA fleet behaviour and provide recommendations for Euro-Argo fleet technical monitoring,
• Support the MOCCA project manager and Science Officer in scientific analysis within the MOCCA project, including data analysis (support to Delayed-Mode Quality Control of Argo floats, Argo fleet consistency check at ocean basins scale, etc.).

Complete job description: