1st European Argo Delayed-Mode QC Workshop

Dates: 17 and 18 April 2018

Location: Ifremer Institute, Brest, France (Salon de l’Océan)

Conveners: Euro-Argo ERIC Office; B. King (NERC/NOC); B. Klein (BSH); G. Maze (Ifremer); C. Coatanoan (Ifremer); C. Cabanes (Ifremer); M. Donnelly (BODC); G. Notarstefano (OGS)


DMQC processing is presently carried on by a limited number of teams and there is a willingness from some countries to develop the DMQC understanding, and perhaps DMQC capabilities for their own floats.

The main objectives of the workshop are therefore:

  • To bring all EU countries towards the same level of knowledge,
  • To make sure everybody understands the data system,
  • To start sharing DMQC procedures/tools/methods within EU. Future workshops would be organised with this community.

The workshop is mainly dedicated to people who have never been to any DMQC workshops. For an efficient and fruitful workshop, the audience will be limited to maximum 20/25 persons.


The workshop will be held on two days. The first day will provide general information and practical demos. The second day will be more flexible, allowing both more advanced discussions on specific subjects and answers to attendees’ enquiries.

application/pdf Draft Agenda - Delayed-Mode QC Workshop 2018

Questionnaire for European DMQC workshop

In order for the convenors to plan the workshop to include discussion useful to the users, please indicate your level of experience in the table below, with an X in the relevant box for each question.

If some questions describe parts of the process that you have never encountered or don’t know what is being referred to, then enter “Haven’t tried”. Remember, this is not a competition to find the most expert DMQC operator. It is to establish the level of experience at the start of the workshop, which will range from “none” to “very experienced”.

Thank you to fill in the questionnaire and to add it into the registration form: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document DMQC Workshop questionnaire

Contact and Registration

To register for the DMQC Workshop CLICK HERE before 20th February 2018.

For any more information on the organisation of the workshop please write an email to euroargo@ifremer.fr

Euro-Argo ERIC Office

1625 Route de Sainte Anne


Practical Information

Access Ifremer, lunch, etc... (coming soon)