1st Users Meeting - June 2008

First Euro-Argo Users Workshop Programme
 June 24,25th 2008
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton - UK


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Tuesday June 24th


0815-0845 : Registration


0845-1000 : Introductory talks


• Introduction to the workshop......John Gould


• Euro-Argo, ESFRI and GMES......Pierre-Yves Le Traon


• Delivering Argo data......Sylvie Pouliquen


• Pushing Argo to the limit (delayed mode quality control of T/S )......Brian King

1000-1030 : Coffee

1030 –1230 : Argo user talks


• Ocean warming in an isothermal framework and estimates of sampling uncertainty...... Matt Palmer


• Comparison of Argo dynamic height with altimeter sea level anomalies...... Stephanie Guinehut


 • Barrier Layer Variability in the Western Pacific Warm Pool during 2000-2007...... Christelle Bosc


• Temperature, salinity and steric height variability in the Northern Atlantic on seasonal and interannual scales...... Vladimir Ivchenko


• Valorizing and characterizing Argo data with the DRAKKAR ensemble of global ocean simulations......Thierry Penduff


• Qualification of large Argo datasets...... Fabienne Gaillard

1230-1330 : Lunch

1330-1530 : Poster viewing and data demonstrations 

1530 –1600 : Tea

1600 – 1730 :

• Operational use of Argo in Europe...... Pierre-Yves Le Traon


• Surface salinity from Argo floats...... Gilles Reverdin


• New float capabilities (PROVOR)...... Patrice Brault


• Argos-3 - New capabilities for Euro Argo floats...... Christian Ortega


• Argo in the Mediterranean...... Pierre Marie Poulain


1800 – 1900 : Reception and poster viewing



Wednesday June 25th


0830 – 1030 :

• Measuring oxygen from Argo floats (Invited) ......Juergen Fischer


• Remote biogeochemical oceanography : potential synergies between bio-optical floats and ocean color satellites......Hervé Claustre


• Data quality control of the biogeochemical floats feedbacks after the first deployments......Fabrizio D’Ortenzio


• Antarctic Drifter Experiment: Links to Isobaths and Abigail Nye Ecosystems (ADELIE)


• Using Argo under the ice......Olaf Klatt


• A validation/correction of Coriolis Argo Data to produce a precise subsurface displacement/velocity field......Michel Ollitrault


• What can the Argo Information Centre do for you? ......Mathieu Belbeoch


• New float capabilities (APEX) Webb Research

1030-1100 : Coffee

1100 - 1230 :

• Welcome to NOCS......Prof Ed Hill, (Director NOCS)


• Discussion session Led by John Gould and Brian King : The role of User Group for the Euro-Argo infrastructure (recommendations on data system, products, evolution of the array) - Themes :

- The Argo data system : is it understood by users, format, data access, documentation, real time and delayed mode

- Quality control : required improvements ?

- New products (trajectory, climatologies, etc): requirements

- Evolution of the array : sampling, biogeochemistry, sea ice


1230 – 1330 : Lunch and Poster viewing


1330 – 1430 : Conclusions from this workshop and Plans for next Euro-Argo Workshop


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