Scientific Results

Global core-Argo
  1. Seasonal variation of the South Indian Tropical Gyre and the Indonesian through flow front (2016)
  2. Zonal jets in the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean (2015)
  3. The Canary Deep Poleward Undercurrent (2015)
  4. Argo impact studies with the Mercator 1/4° global ocean data assimilation system (2015)
  5. Impact of Argo for weather, seasonal and decadal forecasting (2015)
  6. Decadal forecast experiments (2015)
  7. Impact of Argo for the validation of altimetric satellite observations (2015)
  8. Impact of Argo for Sea Surface Temperature validation (2015)
  9. Argo Bio-profilers for the validation of satellite observation of ocean colour (2015)
  10. Impact of Argo for the validation of satellite sea surface salinity observations (2015)
  11. Circulation, eddies, oxygen, nutrient changes in the eastern tropical South Pacific Ocean (2015)
  12. Consistency of the current global Ocean Observing Systems from an Argo perspective (2014)
  13. ANDRO : an Argo-based deep displacement atlas (2013)
  14. Wind-driven cross-equatorial flow in the Indian Ocean (2012)
  15. Partition between barotropic and baroclinic modes inferred from altimetric surface velocities and Argo float mid-depth displacements (2012)
  16. High-resolution 3D thermohaline fields derived from in situ and satellite observations (2012)
  17. Atlantic Inflow trends (2012)
  18. Using Argo measurements to understand model bias (2011)
  19. Using Argo data to investigate the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the North Atlantic (2011)
  20. Changes in the temperature tendencies of the upper subtropical North Atlantic Ocean (2010)
Argo extension to marginal seas
  1. Assessment of the Black Sea observing system. A focus on 2005-2012 Argo campaigns (2015)
  2. Exploiting two-way satellite telemetry to optimize Argo float sampling (2015)
  3. Comparison of Argo profiles observations against numerical model simulation in Ionian Sea (2014)
  4. Hydrological variability derived from the first Argo mission in the Cretan Sea basin (2012)
  5. Mediterranean Intermediate Circulation (2010)
  6. First Diagnosis from Argo Data in the Black Sea (2010)
  7. The Aegean Sea-Poseidon Model (2009)
  8. Observing System Experiments for Argo in the Mediterranean and Black Seas (2009)
  9. Thermohaline Fields in the Mediterranean Sea (2009)
Argo extension to high-latitudes
  1. Observing of the basin-scale deep convection in the Irminger Sea with Argo Floats (2016)
  2. Water mass transformation in the deep basins of the Nordic Seas : analyses of heat and freshwater budgets (2016)
  3. Importance of bottom topography for deep and intermediate flow in the Greenland Sea (2015)
  4. The inertial sensors dedicated for the Argo floats capable of operating in the Arctic Seas (2015)
  5. Argo floats in the Baltic Sea (2013)
  6. The Atlantic Water pathways in the Nordic Seas observed by Argo floats (2012)
  7. Mixed-Layer evolution in the Subpolar North Atlantic measured by Argo floats (2011)
  8. The mid-depth circulation in the Nordic Seas (2010)
  9. Seasonal to inter-annual variability of hydrography in the Greenland Sea Gyre (2010)
Bio and Deep Argo extensions
  1. A neural network-based method for merging ocean color and Argo data to extend surface bio-optical properties to depth: Retrieval of the particulate backscattering coefficient (2016)
  2. Observing the Ocean Carbon Export with Biogeochemical Argo floats (2015)
  3. Observing the Oceanic Particle Size Distribution with Biogeochemical Argo Floats in the Nordic Seas (2015)
  4. Oxygen on Argo : an observational quantum leap in Ocean Biogeochemistry (2015)
  5. Extending the Argo Network to the Deep Ocean (2015)
  6. Observing mixed layer depth, nitrate and chlorophyll concentrations in the northwestern Mediterranean : a combined satellite and NO3 profiling floats experiment (2014)
  7. The ProvBIO Floats in the Mediterranean Sea