WP01 - Management/coordination (Ifremer)

WP2 Integrating Euro-Argo into the international Argo Programme (Ifremer)

This WP aims to ensure full integration of Euro-Argo activities into its international context. We shall engage international partners with the objectives

  • to improve and develop the full integration of the Euro-Argo activities within the international strategy of global ocean observations;
  • to plan and anticipate evolution of the Argo core mission to include larger suite of observed ocean variables and to adapt the strategy to the European polar and marginal seas;
  • to coordinate procedures of data processing, management, and quality control;
  • to integrate data formats in the context of the World Meteorological Organization Information System (WIS).
WP3 Integrating and extending Euro-Argo activities to the European Neighbourhood (OGS)

One of the specific objectives of Euro-Argo is to provide enhanced observing coverage in the regional seas of European interest (Mediterranean and Black Seas). To achieve this goal, it is necessary to seek participation by a larger number of participants than the present members of the Euro-Argo consortium (ERIC). This work package will endeavour to attract new members or observers to the ERIC, or, as the case may be, to seek formal cooperative agreements between the ERIC and agencies in those maritime countries.

WP4 Float deployment coordination (BSH)

The deployment of some 250 floats per year over the world’s ocean is a formidable task. The operations are mostly carried out from research vessels, Ships of Opportunity (as identified by IOC’s SOOP programme), or – exceptionally, by chartered vessels. Coordination of the deployments requires easy access and up-to-date information on research cruises for deployment opportunities.
The objective is to set-up a procedure for identification of deployment opportunities based on advance notice of research vessel cruise plans, on the global ocean and on European regional seas.

WP5 Legal and policy issues (MO)

The International Argo programme has been formally endorsed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). The IOC has stated that the Argo programme shall be fully consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). To resolve the concerns of some States related to their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ),  the IOC has adopted the Resolution XX-6, which requires that such States be notified of the deployment of floats into international waters, which might drift into their EEZ. This notification is made by the AIC (Argo Information Centre). However, no general agreement exists for the deployment of floats into the EEZ, in particular for the enclosed seas. We will in particular organize specific meetings with DG mare to discuss European legal issues on the law of the sea.
We propose to review those issues as they relate  a) to the implementation of Argo into the maritime domain around Europe and its overseas extensions, b) its implications for the European Maritime Policy and Marine Strategy, and c) to other States.

WP6 Conferences, workshops and outreach (Ifremer)

We propose to organize several conferences and workshops to strengthen the international support for the infrastructure and to consolidate a network of scientists engaged in climate and ocean research using Argo data. The objective is to develop international cooperation and to attract more participants in Argo activities, including the use of Argo data for scientific research. Under this work package, we shall target primarily scientists and programme managers in Europe and its Neighbours. The workshops will also serve as a motivation and as a means to reach the actors targeted in WP3.