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  • The 3rd ENVRIPlus week will be held in Prague from 14th till 18th of November 2016 . More information on


  • Euro-Argo ERIC opened a fixed research engineer position to fulfil the important goals of this transverse project. Claire Gourcuff will join the Euro-Argo team on the 3rd of October 2016.
  • The 2nd ENVRIPlus meeting was organised in Zandvoort am Zee in Netherlands mid May 2016. ENVRIplus (its goals and vision; services and products it intends to deliver) were presented to the ENVRI community that gathers the not only the ENVRIPlus partners but also representatives of RI that are emerging and aims at joining the cluster when mature enough . The current landscape , RI needs, prospects and how ENVRIplus can involve and serve the entire community were discussed and priorities set up.
  • A first ENVRIplus meeting has been attended by the Euro-Argo ERIC partners in Prague in mid november 2015. Some collaboration within the data management tasks have already been initiated, due to the known expertise of Euro-Argo partners concerning the Marine domain database building and data fluxes survey. The scientific and technical use cases in which Euro-Argo will have an active role have been refined; they will concern the continuum between the Atmospheric-Marine and Marine-Sea ground domains, through the valorisation of the Argo floats data in link with data available from Atmospheric and Sea ground Research Infrastructures.