ENVRIplus (http://www.envriplus.eu/) is a cluster of Research Infrastructures (RIs) for Environmental and Earth System sciences, built around the ESFRI roadmap and associating leading e-infrastructures and Integrating Activities together with technical specialist partners. 

The objectives of ENVRIplus is to increase synergies between the infrastructures by removing barriers for cross-disciplinary collaboration and fostering a holistic scientific understanding of the Earth System, and by creating new innovative technical solutions for observational and data management challenges. 

The Euro-Argo ERIC is involved in the Marine contribution of ENVRIplus, especially for the link with Glider (EGO) and ICOS-RI (https://www.icos-ri.eu) for CO2/pCO2/pH measurements, and the homogenization of data processing and reprocessing between Euro-Argo, EGO and EMSO/FIXO3. 

The ENVRIplus proposal was accepted in early 2015 and started in May 2015.

The Euro-Argo ERIC together with Ifremer and BODC are involved in ENVRIplus.