Research & Development

The Euro-Argo RI is engaged in all aspects of the scientific oversight of all procedures related to data acquisition, technological developments, quality control, sampling strategy, network design, product development, etc...

For those activities, it is assisted and advised by the Scientific and Technological Advisory Group (STAG) and the User Group :

- The STAG, consisting of independent experts, is established to advise the Council on any scientific or technical matters (including data management and instrumentation) relevant to the operation, development and evolution of the Euro-Argo-ERIC, and access to its data by research and operational users. The Management Board may request the STAG to consider, and make recommendations on, issues that it needs to resolve. The Management Board may request the STAG to consider, and make recommendations on, issues that it needs to resolve. The terms of reference of the STAG, defined by the Management Board and approved by the council are given in the Internal Working Procedures. The STAG formulates recommendations to the Council on scientific and technical aspects and direction of the Euro-Argo ERIC, taking into account the European and international context.

- A strong scientific input to Argo is needed in order to both improve the technology and to ensure the widest scientific and operational application of the data. Prior to Euro-Argo, a number of participating countries (France, Germany and UK) had already established Argo users groups. Through Euro-Argo, these initiatives have been consolidated into a new European Argo Users Group, which has been able to entrain a wider user community, including scientists from countries who have not previously been involved in Argo.

Through an ongoing Argo Users Group and the new Argo STAG, there will be a mechanism to ensure the latest and best scientific advice is provided to Euro-Argo. This ensures that (i) technology developments are pulled-through into routine use and (ii) Euro-Argo is well-placed to capture and respond to the various needs (for both operational use and research applications).

- In addition, the Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure will link with the international Argo structure, and especially with the international Argo Steering Team (AST). The AST provides scientific leadership and oversees the development and implementation of the global array of profiling floats (known as the Argo Program) operated by national and regional Argo projects. The European structure will complement and strengthen the international one ; it will consolidate and make more efficient the European contributions to international Argo.


Euro-Argo ERIC will greatly contribute to foster active research programs in the fields it aims to serve : ocean science in general, and more particularly the role of the ocean in the global climate system.